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Wellness Exams

Preventative Care
Professional and comprehensive veterinary services are meant to help your pets in living a healthy and long life. Preventative care involves thorough wellness exams and vaccinations to ensure your pet's immune system can fight off diseases. Moreover, it is useful in treating various health issues before they turn into something serious.

Features of Preventative Care Services
The key features of our preventative care services are:

  • Annual and regular wellness exams.
  • Comprehensive dental care services.
  • Vaccinations are according to the age and overall health of the pet.
  • Parasite control and prevention to deal with ticks and worms.
  • Laboratory testing services such as blood and urine screening.

Which Pets Should I Take for Preventative Care?
A common misconception about preventative care services is that they are only meant for elderly or seriously-ill pets. In reality, preventative care is essential for all pets of varying ages to optimize their health conditions and deal with health issues in the starting stages.

The comprehensive preventative care services of Whipple Avenue Pet Hospital will make a great impact on your pets' lives in terms of longevity, fitness, and overall quality of life.

Often overlooked, a balanced and nutrient-rich diet is your pet’s first line of defense against poor health and is the cornerstone of preventative veterinary care. A proper diet supports optimal development and bolsters the immune system in pets of all ages.

While pets and people are similar in this regard, their nutritional needs are not and what looks appealing to us on a label is likely not the best choice for our pets. In fact, each pet is unique and their nutritional needs change greatly throughout the course of their lives. Your veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle and health status and work with you to determine the best nutritional plan for your specific animal. Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s next examination and we can discuss your pet’s current diet and create a personalized nutrition plan.