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Whipple Ave Pet Hospital has a team of highly experienced and qualified surgeons who can perform different types of surgeries on your pets and provide the best results. We always use safe anesthetics to ensure maximum safety for the pets.

Modern surgical equipment and practices are used to monitor the pets before, during, and after the surgery. Moreover, the decision to perform surgery is taken after careful consideration and discussion of all of the potential risks with you.

Whether your pet needs routine surgery like spaying and neutering or some serious surgery, our team of doctors can take care of your pet.

Our Surgery Procedures
Safety and quick healing are the top priorities for us to ensure surgery is a success. Complete pre-anesthetic blood work is done to ensure the pet is ready for surgery. Moreover, our surgery staff is equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with emergency situations. Pain medication is administered to the pet suitably during and after the surgery to make the recovery period smooth and pain-free.

If you have any concerns about surgery, our team is always available to answer all of your questions and guide you about pet care after the surgery as well.